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 Brewing Tips

How to make the
perfect cup!

Always buy the freshest roasted coffee and wait 24 hours after the coffee has been roasted before you brew. During this 24 hour period the coffee is releasing large quantities of gas, mainly Carbon Dioxide, which causes excessive surface tension
in the brew basket, leading to a thin or weak cup of coffee.

Always store your fresh roasted coffee in an airtight container located in a cool dry
place. This minimizes exposure to the three staling agents for roasted coffee: Oxygen, sunlight, and heat.

Always buy whole bean coffee. In this form, the coffee bean protects the interior surfaces from staling agents. Always Measure your coffee. Always use cold filtered water and measure it. For the perfect cup of coffee add 2 level tablespoons per 6 ounces of water. Grinding your beans specifically for the type of brewer you have will ensure maximum flavor.

Brewed coffee can sit on heat for no longer than 20 minutes before it loses its flavor. If you need to store it longer consider an air pot.

Clean brewing equipment is essential for the most enjoyable coffee experience. Please refer to the manufacturers instructions when cleaning your equipment.